Community Service Hour Criteria

The Office of Public Health Practice and Community Engagement defines community service hours as hours spent working collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated with local nonprofit, independent, and community-based organizations focused on improving the quality of life for community residents. Specifically for public health faculty, staff, and students, in line with the School of Public Health’s mission, service hours focus on advancing the public’s health and addressing issues affecting the well-being of the state of Louisiana. Our combined efforts serve as catalysts for improving the public’s health, public health programs, and public health practice.

Students who complete 50 hours or more during the academic calendar are eligible for the Service Honor Cord. The students who met the hour eligibility requirements will receive a single gold honor cord and the student with the most hours will receive a double purple and gold honor cord. Students must log all volunteer hours in order to be eligible.

The award is to open to all MPH, MD/MPH, MS, and PhD students.

***Practice Experience, IPSA, SOAR, student worker, and paid service hours are not eligible for community service hours.***

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